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Majoitus Helsingissä


Scandic Paasi
Paasivuorenkatu 5 B, 00530 Helsinki

Hotelli Scandic Paasi on Paasitornin yhteydessä joten pääset kulkemaan päätapahtumapaikalle todella näppärästi!

Scandic Paasi tarjoaa kävijöillemme huoneita seuraavin hinnoin aikavälille 13.9. – 17.9.2018:
– yhden hengen huone 139 €/vuorokausi
– kahden hengen huone 159 €/vuorokausi

Scandic Paasin huonehintaan sisältyy aina luomutuotteita sisältävä aamiainen ja langaton internet.

Saat alennuksen varaamalla majoituksen tästä linkistä 27.3.2018 alkaen ja 30.8.2018 mennessä, tai hotellin varaustilanteen mukaan. Voit lunastaa alennuksen myös hotellin puhelinpalvelusta tai sivustolta koodilla BHEL130918.

Hotelli Arthur
Vuorikatu 19, 00100 Helsinki

Helloconin Baby, the Stars Shine Bright -teekutsuilta tuttu Hotelli Arthur sijaitsee Helsingin keskustassa noin 10 minuutin kävelymatkan päässä sekä Paasitornista (päätapahtumapaikka) että Svenska Klubbenista (teekutsupaikka).

Hotelli Arthur tarjoaa kävijöillemme huoneita seuraavin hinnoin aikavälille 14.9.-17.9.2018:
– yhden hengen huone 85 €/vuorokausi
– kahden hengen huone 105 €/vuorokausi
– kolmen hengen huone 135 €/vuorokausi

Huonehintoihin sisältyy aamiainen noutopöydästä sekä langaton internet.

Saat alennetun hinnan varaamalla huoneen hotellin myyntipalvelusta:, puh. 09-1734 4200
tai vastaanotosta:, puh. 09-173 441

Ilmoita varauksen yhteydessä alennuskoodi HELLOCON.

Muita hotelleja Helsingissä

Hotelli Rivoli Jardin

Rivoli Jardin on lämminhenkinen boutique hotelli Helsinkin keskustassa. Hotellissa on ystävällinen palvelu ja huonehintaan sisältyy runsas aamupala.  Hotellin sijainti on hyvä Helsinkiin tutustumista varten, mutta hieman hankalampi tapahtumapaikkoja ajatellen.

Scandic Hakaniemi (ent.Cumulus)

Scandic Hakaniemi sijaitsee muutaman minuutin kävelymatkan päässä Paasitornista (päätapahtumapaikka). Huonehintoihin sisältyy buffet-aamiainen ja langaton internet.


Omenahotellit-ketjulla on kaksi edullista hotellia Helsingissä. Huonehintaan kuuluu langaton internet.

Best Western Carlton

Best Western Carlton sijaitsee vain muutaman minuutin kävelymatkan päässä Helsingin päärautatieasemasta. Huonehintaan sisältyy buffet-aamiainen ja langaton internet.

Accommodations in Helsinki

Our partner hotels

Scandic Paasi
Paasivuorenkatu 5 B, 00530 Helsinki

Hotel Scandic Paasi is connected to Paasitorni, so you´ll be able to access the main event location easily! Scandic Paasi offers our guests rooms with the following rates during 13th-17th September 2018:
– a single room 139 €/night
– a double room 159 €/night

Scandic Paasi´s room rates always include a breakfast with organic foods and a wi-fi.

You can claim the discount by reserving your accommodation through this link
Beginning 27th March 2018 and before 30th August 2018, depending on the hotel´s reservations. You can also claim the discount from the hotel´s phone service or website with the code BHEL130918.

Hotel Arthur
Vuorikatu 19, 00100 Helsinki

Hotel Arthur, the hotel that hosted Hellocon´s Baby, the Stars Shine Bright tea party, is located in the center of Helsinki and a 10-minute walk away from both Paasitorni (the main event location) and Svenska Klubben (the tea party location). Hotel Arthur offers our guests rooms with the following rates during 14th-17th September 2018:
– a single room 85 €/night
– a double room 105 €/night
– a triple room 135 €/night

The room rates include a buffet breakfast and wi-fi.

You can claim the discount by reserving your room from hotel Arthur´s sales service:, tel. +358-9-17344 200
or from the reception:, tel. +358-9-173 441

While making the reservation, please mention the discount code HELLOCON.

Other hotels in Helsinki

Hotel Rivoli Jardin

Rivoli Jardin is a boutique hotel with a warm atmosphere. It has a friendly customer service and the room rates include a hearty breakfast. The hotel´s location is great for experiencing Helsinki, but a little farther away from the event locations.

Scandic Hakaniemi (formerly known as Cumulus)

Scandic Hakaniemi is located just a few minutes walk away from Paasitorni (the main event location). The room rates include a breakfast buffet and wi-fi.

Omena hotels

The Omena hotels chain has two affordable hotels in Helsinki. The hotels have free wi-fi.

Best Western Carlton

Best Western Carlton is located just a few minutes walk from the Helsinki central railway station. The room rates include a breakfast buffet and a wi-fi.

Moving around in Helsinki

If you are arriving via Helsinki-Vantaa airport, the easiest way to travel to Helsinki city center is by train. Take the circular train (I or P train) and hop off at Helsinki Central Railway Station, tickets are 5,50 €. The trip takes about 30 minutes. The trains depart every 10-30 minutes depending on the time of the day. The trains are not running in the middle of the night (about 1-4 am). If you arrive or leave at night, check the schedule beforehand here. You can also take a bus.

If you arrive by bus, a one-way trip costs 5,50 €. The bus number 615 will take you to the Helsinki Central Railway Station (the buses leave in front of the airport terminals). You can take the same bus when leaving Helsinki (Platform 12). The trip will take about 40 minutes and the buses leave every 10-50 minutes, depending on the time of the day.

If you want to know more about the routes and timetables, Journey Planner is a great way to find out the fastest routes!

Helsinki center is quite compact, so you can catch the main sights on foot. If you are traveling further or you are tired of walking, the subway or a tram is a great and easy way to travel. Please note that you cannot buy tickets from the drivers in trams, trains or the ferries to Suomenlinna. Remember to get your ticket before entering the subway or train platform! Helsinki has a lot of ticket inspectors and the fine for traveling without a ticket is 80 euros.

A single ticket is valid for 1 hour, so you can use the same ticket in a different vehicles too. If you are doing a lot of sightseeing, a 1-4 day pass might be a cheaper option. The pass can be also used on the Suomenlinna ferry and night buses.

Ticket prices for adults inside Helsinki:

  • Single ticket from a ticket machine: 2,70 €
  • Single ticket with mobile phone 2,60 € (directions can be found on most stops)
  • Night ticket between 2:00-4:30 am: 5,00 €
  • Tram ticket from a ticket machine: 2,50 €
  • Two-hour ticket 4,30 €
  • 12 hours Suomenlinna ferry ticket: 5,00 €
  • 1 day ticket: 8,00 €
  • 2 days ticket: 12,00 €
  • 3 days ticket: 16,00 €

Please note that changes in tickets prices are possible.


The currency in Finland is euro (€). If you need to exchange money, you can do it at the airport (which is not recommended because the exchange rate is quite expensive) or at the Helsinki Central Railway Station. Probably the cheapest way is to change the money in your bank before coming to Finland or drawing it out from a cash machine. If you are in need of cash, look for the nearest Otto machine. You can recognize them from the distinct orange color.

Admiring the architecture in Helsinki: a walking tour

When you follow this walking tour, you will experience the most beautiful and historically important buildings and places in Helsinki.

Please start your tour inside the Helsinki Central Railway Station which has been designed in Finnish national romantic style. The building was designed by Eliel Saarinen around 1860 and the main building´s material is granite. The building contains the famous “stone men” and a clock tower designed by Emil Wikström.

Continue the tour outside to the Railway square. On its south side you can see the Ateneum art museum and on the north side the Finnish National Theater. The National Theater is the oldest Finnish-spoken professional theater. The building was finished in 1901 and it was designed by Onni Törnqvist-Tarjanne.

Next, continue your tour towards Ateneum. The building has been designed by Theodor Höijer and was finished in 1887. At first the building was used as a school, but now Ateneum holds the most famous and important artworks of Finnish artists. You can find artwork by Akseli Gallen-Kallela, Albert Edelfelt, Eero Järnefelt and Hugo Simberg to name a few. It also has a popular changing display that exhibits the artwork of well-known artists, such as Helene Schjerfbeck, Carl Larsson, Tove Jansson and even Pablo Picasso.

The neo-renaissance facade of Ateneum is very interesting and contains many sculptures and small details full of symbolic meaning. The second floor contains a line of medallions of famous international and Finnish artists sculpted by Ville Vallgren. In the middle of the second floor there is three portraits of the following people: Rafael, Feidias and Bramante who represent the three arts which were teached when Ateneum was still an art school. The portraits were painted by Carl Sjöstrand.

The third floor has four female statues that each symbolize different arts. The pediment on the top contains the Goddess of Arts that crowns visual and industrial arts. There has been speculations that among the artist’s tools behind the Goddess is a sculpted portrait of Väinämöinen, who is the main character of the Finnish national epic Kalevala.

Please continue the tour towards Kaisaniemi and University of Helsinki (from street Mikonkatu to street Yliopistonkatu). You will reach Senaatintori (”Senate square”) that is one of the most beautiful places in Helsinki.

The magnificent white Tuomiokirkko church dominates the square. The church is part of the empire-styled center of Helsinki. Carl Ludvig Engel made the original design of the church and Ernst Lohrmann continued it. The church represents neoclassical style and has Corinthian pillars in it. The building also has statues of the twelve apostles. The stairs that lead to the church are a popular gathering place during the summer.

Senaatintori also holds the main building of University of Helsinki (Fabianinkatu 33). The old side of the building was designed by Carl Ludvig Engel (who also designed many important buildings in the area). The building was finished in 1832. After Russia took over the control of Finland, the main University from Turku (that had experienced a bad fire) was re-located to Helsinki. The new main building had to be built to the city center and so the current location was chosen.

The main university building has a unique collection of sculptures that represent famous sculptures of most typical artworks from many different eras. They were used for tuition purposes. Professor C.G. Estlander started the collection in 1869 and today the collection contains 75 Ancient Greek/Roman, 52 Renaissance, 3 Early-Christian, and 2 Asian pieces of art.

From this area you can find other interesting and beautiful buildings as well, such as the Main Library of the University (designed by Engel), Senaatintalo/Valtioneuvoston linna (also by Engel), and streets such as Unioninkatu and Snellmaninkatu, which are very beautiful for sightseeing.

Next continue your tour towards Aleksanterinkatu. This is Helsinki´s main street and a famous shopping street, and it has many designer boutiques as well as different chain stores. You can now choose if you would prefer to continue your tour back to the city center and eventually to Stockmann, which is the most famous Finnish department store full of luxury products, or you can go to the harbor (from street Unioninkatu leaving the Senaatintori behind you) where you can find Esplanadi, a boulevard that has many fine coffeehouses and shops and a beautiful park. From the harbor you can find a lovely market square and ferries that will take you to Suomenlinna.

The area around Esplanadi is full of interesting attractions such as the statue of Havis Amanda, Uspenski Cathedral (in Katajanokka), and it’s also a beautiful area in itself.

We hope that you have enjoyed your tour with Helsinki’s oldest city center attractions!

General sightseeing

  • Hakaniemi Market Hall is a lovely old fashioned market hall full of small stalls that sell everything from tasty food and sweets to handicraft and design products. Highly recommended to visit for the experience! It also offers traditional Finnish delicacies. You can find a map here.
  • Linnanmäki is an amusement park in Helsinki. Its old merry-go-round (made in 1896!) and the traditional wooden roller coaster are definitely suitable for lolita visits! Entrance is free and you can buy individual tickets for the rides.
  • Suomenlinna is an old fort in front of Helsinki’s harbor. Its historical and cultural value are significant. Suomenlinna is part of Unesco world heritage list. The scenery is amazing but you will need a pair of comfortable shoes! Take a ferry from Kauppatori.
  • Rock Church (Temppeliaukion kirkko) is one of the most famous attractions in Helsinki. The church has been excavated directly into solid rock and has a very unique architecture.
  • St. John’s Church (Johanneksenkirkko) represents neo gothic style and is the largest stone church in Finland.
  • Kamppi Chapel is located in one of the busiest places in the city center. It was built to be a place for silence and has been specially designed to block all noises outside.
  • Helsinki Tea District: The Finnish tea society Teen Ystävät ry (Friends of Tea) has published a map of the Helsinki tea district, which takes visitors on a tea walk in the city, allowing them to be acquainted with the tea cultures present in Helsinki. The tour can end with the traditional afternoon tea at Café Aalto or Salutorget restaurant, or with a ferry trip to Café Samovarbar on the Suomenlinna islands.

The most interesting museums in Helsinki

Shopping guide to the Helsinki city center

  • Kamppi shopping center has a large selection of almost anything: clothing stores, shoe shops, coffeehouses, restaurants, markets and department stores. You can find Iittala and Marimekko stores here. The top floor has a food court along with bars and cafés.
  • Forum shopping center also has a large selection of different stores, cafés and restaurants. It has a little cheaper stores than Kamppi, such as H&M etc. You can find the Moomin boutique here!
  • Kluuvi shopping center carries more design stores and showrooms. The Chaya teastore is located here!
  • Stockmann is an old department store that sells designer products. It´s quite expensive but has a very nice selection of cosmetic products, sweets, teas and Finnish design items. Starbucks is located right next to Stockmann’s main building.
  • Aleksanterinkatu is a shopping street that has designer boutiques as well as chain stores. You can find Monki, Minna Parikka, Marimekko and even Hard Rock Cafe here.

Best places to eat in Helsinki

Below is a list of hand-picked restaurants, but if you’re adventurous provides a food-map of restaurants & eateries in Helsinki.

  • KITA is a Japanese restaurant that serves a very good sushi buffet.
  • Ju Fu is an Asian restaurant that has a really reasonably priced buffet.
  • Silvoplee is a vegetarian restaurant located in Hakaniemi. It offers a good selection of vegetarian options.
  • Friends & Brgrs is really a popular burger restaurant. Located right in the city center.
  • Levant at Bulevardi offers you a great vegetarian Lebanese food experience.
  • Roots Helsinki is dedicated to create a great vegetarian or vegan meal for you. You can also do yoga here!
  • Vegan Restaurant OmNam – craving Vietnamese food? Go here for a nice vegan experience!

If you wish to eat traditional Finnish food, you can find restaurants and information of them from this list.

Places to relax: popular cafés and lolita aesthetic teahouses

  • The Ounce is a teahouse full of nostalgia from the decades gone. Here you can choose your tea from many different high-quality options, and buy it with you or enjoy it in the traditional English tea house atmosphere.
  • Karl Fazer Café is possibly the most popular coffee house in Helsinki. Also most of the Helsinki´s lolita meetups take place in here! You can experience tasty food, drinks and desserts as well as good service and a great atmosphere.
  • Salutorget is a really stylish and old-fashioned dining room and offers a nice afternoon tea.
  • Kappeli is a beautiful cafe/restaurant/bar located in Esplanadi. It’s a must-visit place for lolitas who like to have a coffee break in an extremely aesthetical and historical atmosphere.
  • Café Ekberg is really famous coffee house located in a very high-class area. The coffee house has a famous historical privileged position in Helsinki.
  • Kakkugalleria is a cake shop where you can experience a delicious cake buffet and eat cake ’till you drop! They have several shops in Helsinki.
  • Voffeli & Kaffeli Do you like waffles? Well hurry over here and enjoy sweet or savoury waffles in a cute, homey atmosphere that feels like a doll house. Puppy friendly!
  • La Torrefazione has a couple of locations in Helsinki: in Kamppi, in Hakaniemi and at Aleksanterinkatu. Breakfast, brunch or lunch? Get them all here! Tasty vegan options available.
  • Kaffecentralen is specialized in different coffees and has the best take-away coffees in Helsinki!
  • Cafe Kuppi & Muffini is a coffeehouse and a bakery. They also serve breakfast porridge and lunch soups. The bakery products are fresh and hand-made in the shop!
  • Cargo Coffee + Vegetarian Food is literally built in an cargo container! Enjoy an affordable breakfast or lunch, which is served every day with seasonal changes in a chill environment.

Popular bars and nightclubs: from fancy cocktail bars to student-friendly party places

  • Ateljèe Bar is located in Torni hotel in the heart of the city. The bar is at the top of the hotel and offers a magnificent view over Helsinki.
  • Le Havre & Bar Socis are located in Hotelli Seurahuone. The restaurant and bar offer an extremely glamorous and elegant atmosphere.
  • Thirsty Scholar is a bar preferred by university students. It offers nice selection in basic drinks and has calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Navy Jerry’s is a student-friendly bar. It has a cozy atmosphere and great selection of music!
  • Bar Bäkkäri is a student-friendly rock bar. The bar has a lot of live performances and it caters for wilder crowd! You can find a very popular nightclub upstairs.
  • Los Cojones is a Spanish-style bar with kitsch atmosphere. They have great drinks and amazing dj’s.
  • DTM is a super popular gay nightclub that has trendy music and superb drinks.
  • Hercules is a popular Scandinavian gay nightclub that offers more alternative music as well.
  • Steam Hellsinki is a steampunk themed bar. Please note that the age limit is 24 years on weekends and 22 years during weekdays.


Enjoy your visit in Helsinki!